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Classroom Locations

Many of Turlock Adult School’s classes are held on the Turlock Adult School (TAS) campus, located at 350 N. Kilroy Road. Other Turlock locations include:

Crowell Elementary School, 118 North Ave.
Cunningham Elementary School, 324 W. Linwood Ave.
Dennis Earl Elementary School, 4091 N. Olive Ave.
Dutcher Middle School, 1441 Colorado Ave.
First Lady Permanente, 921 Geer Rd.
Green Valley Truck School, 400 12th St., Ste 16, Modesto
Hope Church, 316 S. Laurel St.
Pitman High School, 2525 W. Christoffersen Pkwy.
Raley’s Event Center, 2900 Geer Rd.
River Oaks Golf Club & Event Center, 3441 Golf Links Rd., Ceres
Roselawn High School, 350 N. Kilroy Rd.
Salvation Army, 893 Lander Ave.
Turlock High School, 1600 E. Canal Dr.                                                                                                                                      

Turlock Adult School Office